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Hi there !

This is my first attempt at a producing a web page so watch the edges, they may be a bit rough !  Any feed back you have would be most welcome.

Me, me, me !

I guess a personal web page is always going to be a bit ( lot ? ) self centered. For this I make no apology. I have been told in the past ( not that distant either ) that I am an arrogant sort but this is, of course, wrong as I am, in fact, perfect. ( OK so maybe they're right.... )

Redeeming features ?

I believe that life is a lot easier if we help each other rather than wasting our time trying to find minor differences in beliefs or cultures. Having said that some people make it really difficult to live it....!


Techi stuff

Injector Failures



(A few recipes of things we like to cook and eat)

Cake! ( for Jan ) (Oven recipe)

Cake 2! (microwave recipe)



Some Pictures

Romania 2005

Swiss Pictures



New Street Chimney