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Test Development

D G Q Services Ltd have a suite of test procedures which we have developed over a number of years.

These tests cover the majority of what we would class as 'Standard' tests but the output from FMEA's or Gap Analysis of Requirements often requires an in depth test to cover a specific requirement or to prove a 'fix'.

We are able, by using our understanding of test methodology, instrumentation and test capabilities, to devise new, innovate test strategies.

We gain an understanding of how a system is supposed to perform, via document revue, analysis of real life data (where available), collection of anecdotal evidence and inspections of worn or failed parts. From this analysis we create a proposal for tests with, if necessary suitable specialist Test Houses recommended to our clients.

Examples of the sort of tests we have created on previous projects include Development of Accelerated Life Tests for component durability testing based on real life usage data; engine valve train dynamics and deflection testing to understand abnormal wear; Fault Insertion Testing to check System Safety functions with multiple failure levels and, a successful dust ingress test to a client who had no previous experience in this area and no test specification.

In the case of the Dust Ingress test we undertook the task as a complete package: Investigating the requirements, developing a worst case usage case based on customer field data; creating a test specification, locating a suitable and capable Test House, Liaising with the Test House to plan and schedule the test, arranging for the Device Under Test (DUT) to be prepared and shipped to the Test House, ensuring the test was carried out in accordance with the test specification, arranging post test examination of the DUT and authoring the Test Report.