Dave Quirk's Tech Info page for the Wooden Canal Boat Society


I have the pleasure of doing a small amount of work for the WCBS, mostly involving Diesel engines and engine electrics.

On this page are the engine wiring schedules for both "Forget Me Not" and "Southam", both systems for which I have been responsible for the design and installation.

FMN's engine electrics were designed and installed in 1995, the schedule is a scan of my original, hand drawn wiring diagrams. The level of complexity seen is a reflection on a) the additional, advanced controls on the skid mounted engine which Nigel Fox and I built and b) the amount of free time I had in those days !

Southam's wiring has only recently been installed and I had the aid of one of the summer students from work (Cedric Douay, from L'Ecole National de Ingeneres de Brest, France) with the initial "Visio" drawings. He is responsible for putting my hand drawn, "spider's web" into the control panel drawing seen here. I completed the rest of the drawings myself and have learned the basics of "Visio" along the way.

If you are looking at these pages because you are trying to sort a problem on either boat please give me a call, Chris Leah has my number. If you have landed on this page as a "tourist" and you would like to know more drop me an e-mail


A brief plea to WCBS volunteers who may choose to add to my wiring:

Talk to me, I can source high quality, reasonably priced electrical, automotive type hardware far easier than "Joe Public" and I can help you install your bit without compromising my installations.

Time spent on the detail always pays, especially if your wiring is going to a) be buried under some internal fittings and never more accesible or b) responsible for keeping a boat afloat.


Forget Me Not

Engine Wiring and Controls Diagram. (Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) document)


Engine Control Panel and Engine Wiring. (Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) document)

Coventry Victor Vixen Service Manual (Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) document)


Wiring diagrams for the trailer lighting via the black, 12N socket and for suplementary wiring for caravans via the grey (sometimes white) 12S socket. There is also a connection diagram for a generic split charge relay.

12 Volt Trailer Wiring. (Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) document)