A few videos and audio files which have been e-mailed to me which I think worth sharing. (If I've infringed anybody's copyright drop me a mail and I'll happily remove the item from my site)


A poem by Bill Kearns about the dangers of plastic garden furniture; guys be warned!


I'm currently working for an Indian firm (Tata Motors) and this reminds me that there is a lot of talent in India

Vista Twist

Working on the wiring of the Tata Motors Vista EV (Electric Vehicle) I've had to do a lot of work on the wiring, trouble shooting and diagnostic work mainly, and have spent far too much time under the dash board, poking around the wiring. This video shows my technique for getting into a comfortable position to carry out the work. Bear in mind I'm in my forties so this is a pretty athletic position to be going for!

Yoga Nidra

This is recording of a Yoga Nidra (Relaxation) session lead by the Swami who used to teach me Yoga when I lived in Worthing.

The file is 24 minutes long and about 17Mb oin size.

Water Rocket

JSB Fording