Thermos Flask Rice Pudding Recipe

A nice, simple recipe for delicious rice pudding made in a Thermos (Vacuum) flask.

I adapted this recipe from one we use in the slow cooker to see if I could make a rice pudding in my new 500 ml. wide necked flask.



450 ml Whole Milk

60 g Pudding Rice (Medium grain, I used Risotto rice for this as I'd run out of Pudding Rice)

40 g Sugar

Pinch of ground Nutmeg

Small piece of butter (as for the Nutmeg, this is optional)


Place the Milk, Rice and Sugar into a one litre plastic jug and heat on full power in the Microwave until the milk comes to the boil (This can be done in a pan on the stove if required)

Once the Milk mixture has come to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for a further ten minutes, stirring occasionally.

Whilst the milk mixture is simmering preheat the flask by filling it with hot water.

Drain the water from the flask and pour in the milk mixture.

Add the pinch of Nutmeg and the small piece of butter (if using them) and fit the lid of the vacuum flask firmly.

Give the flask a couple of good shakes.

Wait five or six hours (we left ours for seven hours because I forgot about it... the rice pudding was perfect and at just the right temperature for serving!!). If the opportunely rises during the waiting time give the flask a shake now and then (we didn't and the rice was still cooked perfectly).

Point for our next go at this recipe:

Unlike a baked rice pudding there is no fluid loss during the cooking process so our pudding was just right with the 60g of rice.

Time for some more testing!